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We offer a variety of originaton products to help you effeciently manage your Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Vendor Payments, Corporate Transfers, Prearranged Debits & Taxes.  Allow our Cash Manager Rebecca Aper to work with you one on one to customize your banking solutions.

Magic Wrighter Login for Existing CNB Customers

Payroll Direct Deposit-

  • Easy to use payroll deposit solution
  • Save valuable time & resources
  • Employees can distribute their payroll deposit across multiple deposit accounts
  • Email notifications of deposit amount & date

Vendor Payments & Cash Management-

  • Ability to transfer funds between corporate accounts at various financial institutions
  • Improve cash flow
  • Schedule pre-authorized debits from customers & vendors
  • Optional email notifications of immediate confirmation to the receiving party
  • Convenient alternative to wire transfers, paper check handling & phone calls

Pre-authorized Payments-

  • Perfect for clients seeking an automated solution for payments from consumer accounts
  • Prearranged consumer payments of monthly rent, gym, union dues, etc.
  • Convenience of collecting payments electronically
  • Reduce your internal business expense
  • Project cash deposits to corporate accounts

Tax Payments-

  • Transmit a "credit" transaction to the U.S. Government, which does not grant the government permisson to perform a "debit" from your account
  • Schedule tax payments ahead of actual due date
  • Our federal & state tax payment service accepts all approved Federal tax types