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We offer a variety of additional services to make your banking experience as convenient as possible. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for or need details on any of the services below.

Telephone Banking

TeleBanc telephone banking is available for free around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, all year long. With TeleBanc you can do the following:

  • Check your account balances
  • Verify your last deposit
  • Determine if your checks have cleared
  • Transfer funds between checking and savings accounts
  • Make loan payments

To get started, simply dial TeleBanc at 800-303-3039. All you will need is your CNB access number (which is any one of your account numbers) and your TeleBanc personal identification number (PIN) to start using TeleBanc. Note: This PIN is NOT related to any other PIN you may have with CNB.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Upon request Citizens National Bank will issue you a PIN. If you have a preferred number you would like to use as your PIN, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you. For security reasons, we recommend that you memorize the number. Never write it down where someone else has access to it.

Your monthly statement will give you a detailed description of your TeleBanc activity. Transactions conducted after 6 p.m. EST are treated as the next business day's activity.

Additional Resources for Preventing Foreclosures

Freddie Mac

Gift Cards

Are you celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just because? If so, send well wishes along with a Citizens National Bank Visa®/Mastercard® Gift Card. Purchase a gift card from any of our full-service branches.  $10 minimum

Reloadable Cards

Purchase a reloadable card from any of our full-service branches and then have the freedom to add money to it whenever and wherever you’d like! Once your card is purchased you will go online to register your card, select your own username and password, and use the card like a debit card but without a checking account. You can also get a companion card that is tied to the original card. It allows for another user to carry and use for purchases.  $10 minimum. Eligible for FDIC insurance.

Travel Cards

Gone are the days of traveler’s checks! Purchase a travel card instead and travel with the peace of mind of using it just as a debit card. Cards can be used for domestic or international travel. You can also get a companion card that is tied to the original card. It allows for another user to carry and use for purchases. It is safer than cash and has worldwide acceptance where Visa®/Mastercard® are accepted. With multiple channels to reload; in person, online, or on the mobile app, the card is easy and efficient to use. $10 minimum. Eligible for FDIC insurance.

Direct Deposit

Skip the trip to the bank and get your paycheck deposited directly into your Citizens National Bank account. With Direct Deposit funds are typically available first thing in the morning, which means that you could very well get access to your paycheck at the ATM before you even get to work!

Wire Transfers

Move money across county, state, country, or even world with ease. We offer our customers both domestic and international wire transfer capabilities.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A Safe Deposit Box at Citizens National Bank is a great place to store your valuable items like family heirlooms, important documents (like life insurance or stock certificates) and any other items you want protected.






3” x 5” x 22”

3” x 10” x 22”

5” x 10” x 22”

Main Office*




South Branch








Indian River




Mackinaw City**








Annual Fees***





  • Safe Deposit Boxes are subject to availability
  • New box rental is pro-rated for the remainder of the billing year
  • Box rental is billed annually on March 1st
  • There is no refund for boxes closed during the year
  • Lost Key: $25 fee
  • Drilling of Box: $250 fee

*Cheboygan Main Office has a limited number of 2" x 5" x 22" ($35/year) and 5" x 5" x 22 ($48/year) Safe Deposit Boxes in addition to the standard sizes listed above.

**The Mackinaw City and Onaway Branches each have a limited number of 10" x 10" x 22" ($110/year) Safe Deposit Boxes in addition to the standard sizes listed above.

***A $12 annual discount applies to all boxes with auto-pay arrangements.

Bank by Mail

Traveling and need to make a deposit or loan payment? There are many customers who enjoy banking by mail and we securely process transactions each and every day.

Universal Bankers/Branch Services

  • Cashiers checks
  • Coin counting*
  • Fax service
  • Money orders
  • Notary services
  • Night depository

*Coin machine is available at Main Office, or rolled coin is accepted at all locations.