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Important Heartbleed Security Update Information
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Important Heartbleed Security Update Information


Researchers disclosed a vulnerability in certain versions of OpenSSL. OpenSSL is security software used for website encryption across much of the internet. The vulnerability, now commonly known as “Heartbleed,” allows an attacker to access the memory of servers. This could allow the attacker to gather information such as login credentials and passwords. 

Upon learning of the vulnerability, our team took immediate action to determine our exposure to this vulnerability. Our online banking services do not use the OpenSSL software for website security. As a result our services were unaffected by the discovery of the “Heartbleed” vulnerability.

Sue Eno, president & CEO states   “We are continually monitoring our online presence for just these types of viruses and fortunately our customers’ accounts have never been compromised. However, some very popular sites have been listed as affected and we suggest that you change your passwords for these sites.”

There were many popular websites affected by the disclosure of this vulnerability. To view a full list, please go to www.mashable.com and search for the Heartbleed Affected Sites.

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