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Citizens National Bank Launches New Website
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Citizens National Bank Launches New Website


If you stopped by our website earlier this weekend, you may have noticed that we were in the process of making some changes. Well, those changes are all done and we're pretty excited about the result (and hope you are too). Today we are launching our brand new website, designed to better serve you. In addition to the fresh new design, the update includes many new features that we want to make sure you're aware of. Also, attached is a screenshot of the new home page (keep in mind, some of the text is not yet updated) to give you an idea of what the site will look like so that you're not surprised.

New/Enhanced Features

Mobile Friendly Format - One of the big reasons for the update is to build the site with new technology that will adapt to the screen size of our visitors, whether you're coming from a mobile phone, tablet or traditional computer. You'll see that content will shift and move based on the dimensions, making it an interactive and easy to use website regardless of which device is being used. A great way to support our Mobile Banking service!

Financial Calculators - We've added over 40 new calculators to our site to help visitors better manage their money and do their financial planning. Be sure to visit our Financial Calculator page to give them a try.

Home Page Banner Rotator - While the image that's on the home page will remain static for a few days until our customers get used to the new look, you'll soon find a more lively home page with rotating images to help us better promote our bank products, community events or other things of importance..

Easier Navigation - You'll continue to see the drop-down navigation for the main headings, but when visitors get "inside" the site, we're re-designing the navigation menus and links to other pages will be found in the same left-hand spot of the pages for ease of use.

And Coming Soon...

Education Center - As the heading says, coming soon will be a new Education Center that will have videos and resource articles to teach visitors about important banking and money management skills. We'll have videos, downloadable resource documents and you'll be able to easily connect with the "right person" here at the bank to help answer any questions you may have. So, stay tuned and look for another exciting announcement coming soon!

What Do You Think?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and hear what you think. Head on over to our Contact Us page and let us know.